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Maple Grove Middle School hosts legislator for Principal for a Day event

Maple Grove Middle School hosts legislator for Principal for a Day event

Maple Grove Middle School (MGMS) had a special visitor Jan. 9, when Minnesota House of Representatives member Kristin Bahner (37b) spent several hours at the school for the Principal for a Day program, hosted by the Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP). This initiative aims to provide legislators with an immersive, first hand experience of the work taking place within local schools as well as some of the challenges schools face. 

During her time at MGMS, Representative Bahner greeted students as they arrived for the school day, got a school overview, visited a classroom and interacted with students during a student panel, received a school tour from eighth grade student leaders Bintu and Nidhi, and  interacted with students during passing time and lunch.

a legislator spoke with two eighth grade students


Bahner joined Principal Patrick Smith in Julia Fromm’s seventh grade AVID class, which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. Smith said the school’s AVID program is a staple program at their school, and students in the class shared what they like about AVID, including how it helps them prepare for college by teaching self-reliance and organizational skills, how to write professional emails and essays, note-taking skills and more. 

Bahner told the class about her work experience in the IT industry and what she is working on in the House of Representatives, including data privacy, human services and women’s rights, including working to get the Equal Rights Amendment into the state constitution. 

Legislator Kristin Bahner speaks to a class of middle school students


Bahner, who was the first in her family to attend college, encouraged the students to keep up their hard work and not to be afraid of making mistakes as they progress through their academic life and careers.

“Every time you make a mistake, you’re getting a great opportunity to learn, grow and be better,” she told them. “You’re going to learn to fly truer and straighter as a result.”