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Create a family plan for a delayed or canceled bus route

Create a family plan for a delayed or canceled bus route

Bus driver shortages are being felt by school bus companies across the country. Thanks to the hard work of the Osseo Area Schools Transportation department, district bus routes are staffed; however, families are encouraged to prepare a plan in case their student’s bus route must be delayed or canceled. Every effort is being made to prevent this situation; for that reason, should a delay or cancelation of a bus route be unavoidable, the news may be shared with affected families with little advance notice.

In the event of a school bus route delay, the FirstView Bus Tracking app will show a later estimated arrival time. Keep in mind though, if a bus differently than the regularly assigned bus is used to assist with the delay, tracking will be temporarily unavailable in the FirstView app.  If a bus route must be canceled due to a shortage of drivers, families will be notified via an automated phone call, email and text.  

All students are expected to attend school every day unless they have an excused absence. If a bus route cannot be covered due to a driver shortage event, families will be asked to transport their child(ren) to school. Late arrivals due to delayed or canceled buses will be excused. If you have concerns about your student’s attendance or your ability to transport your student to school in the event of a canceled bus route, please contact your school’s principal.

Frequently asked questions can be found at the bottom of the district’s Transportation webpage; select “Bus Driver Shortage-Fall 2022.” Thank you for your support of our bus drivers and transportation team.