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Chromebook collection: Please review this important information

Maple Grove Middle School students will turn their Chromebooks in this month. Please review this important information and note the different procedures for in-person and virtual learners. 

In-Person Learners

Your student’s school-issued device, case, charging block and charging cord will be returned this spring. We will be collecting these items at Maple Grove Middle School on Thursday, June 10. All devices will be stored safely over the summer and returned in the fall. If your student was issued a district HotSpot for internet access, please return it on collection day as well.

Over the next few days, teachers will be working with students to prepare Chromebooks for collection by backing up information and making any updates or necessary repairs. It is very important that your child brings their assigned device (with a charged battery) with them to school each day for the rest of the year.

On June 10, devices will be inspected by district personnel and missing items will appear as fees in SmartSchoolK12.

If your student is leaving before the school year ends, please return the Chromebook, charger and bag to the media center, as well as any library or curriculum books, before leaving for the summer.

Virtual Learners

All virtual learners are asked to return their school-issued Chromebook, carrying case and charging cords/block to Osseo Middle School (10223 93rd Ave. N, Maple Grove) on: 

  • Monday, June 14 (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
  • Tuesday, June 15 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

Please check your email from earlier this week for more details regarding device collection.

Drop-Off Instructions for Virtual Learners

  1. Enter from Hwy. 81 (by the Osseo Ice Arena).
  2. Follow the road (past the athletic stadium and through the parking lot) to the Osseo Middle School side entrance.
  3. Drop off your materials at Osseo Middle.
  4. Exit onto 93rd Ave. N.


  • Charging cord that is either lost, damaged or not returned (replacement cost: $5)
  • Charging block that is either lost, damaged or not returned (replacement cost: $20)
  • Chromebook bag that is either lost, damaged or not returned (replacement cost: $30)

Note: Students will be issued a $350 fee if the entire package is not returned on collection day. In addition, their device will be locked down.