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2022-2023 school supply lists

2022-2023 school supply lists

Get ready for the 2022-2023 school year with our school supply lists!

Grade 6 School Supply List

Grade 7 School Supply List

Grade 8 School Supply List

Order school supplies online

We are happy to announce that we have chosen to sell prepackaged school supplies for 2022-2023 through School Tool Box. School supplies delivered directly to your home address—it doesn't get any easier!

School Tool Box offers:

  • Easy online ordering
  • Ability to customize your order
  • No back-to-school shopping crowds
  • Trusted, brand-name supplies
  • Teacher-approved list
  • Backpacks and lunch boxes

Order online or call 800-952-1119. Please allow 10 days for processing.

School Tool Box Supply Pricing

  • Grade 6: $45.08
  • Grade 7: $42.87
  • Grade 8: $48.91

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